77º Coffee with Agroecology

This month’s Café com Agroecology will be facilitated by Milton Cosme Ribeiro, Secretary Director and member of the Ethics Committee of CRN9, Nutritionist and Doctor in Food Science by UFMG. The theme will be “Pesticides in food: a real threat to ecosystems and the agrifood system”. We will have the mediation of Jussiê Gonçalves, Agricultural Engineer from UFRRJ and Master’s Student in Agroecology from UFV and Jérsica Martins Bittencourt, Nutritionist from UNIVIÇOSA and Master’s Student in Agroecology from UFV. Our online meeting will be on September 30, at 6:30 pm, on Café com Agroecology Instagram:

We are waiting for you!


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