New students: Registration for the first semester is done with the program secretary on the date established on the UFV graduate calendar. The courses that constitute the study plan should  be defined with the adviser and included in the  proper form.

Current Students: Define courses with the adviser that are included in the study plan that cover all the periods of the course, considering that the duration of the scholarship is 2 years.



From the second semester onwards, with the study plan previously approved by the adviser, by the program coordination and by the Graduate Program (PPG), graduate students must request registration through SAPIENS on the date established by the graduate calendar  of  UFV. Before the beginning of each period every student must follow up and see if their study plan was approved or not approved by their adivser, the program coordination and PPG. In the event that the plan is not approved in any phase, the plan must be redone.

Please contact the program secretary with any doubts by e-mail at or by phone at +55 (31) 3612 4448.



Any alteration that is not included in the study plan will only be carried out by filling in the Registration Modification Form, that must be signed by the student ‘s adviser and delivered to the program secretary.

Any changes that may be made must be subsequently posted to the study plan in the ACADEMICOPG system.



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