Objective: The objective of the Graduate Program in Agroecology is to train researchers with solid scientific backgrounds in their specific areas of training with an interdisciplinary and multi-professional formation. In addition to the construction of agroecological knowledge, the graduates of this program should be apt to contribute to research that increases the sustainability of agroecosystems and that values food and nutritional sovereignty and security.

Mission: To co-produce knowledge and train human resources to work with excellence in Agroecology.

Vision: To be excellence in agroecology to meet society’s demands in food security and management of tropical agroecosystems.

Values: Ethics, transparency, socio-environmental commitment and valuing of traditional knowledge

Course Pedagogical Project: (PPC)


Programa de Pós-Graduação em Agroecologia

Edifício Sylvio S. Brandão – 2º andar – Campus Universitário

CEP: 36570-900 – Viçosa – MG

Email: pos.agroecologia@ufv.br

Tel: (31) 3612-4448

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