Selection Process for Postdoctoral Candidates 2020 – PNPD/CAPES

The Graduate Program in Agroecology of UFV would like to announce the Selection Notice of postdoctoral scholar candidates, beginning in May 2020.

Information for candidates interested in participating in the postdoctoral program at UFV, emitted by the Dean of Research and Graduate studies.

Notice PNPD/2020

Postdoctoral application form.

Observation: interested candidates can apply from 8am on March 20th, 2020 until noon on April 14th of 2020, by e-mailing Applications will only be accepted through email.

For more information, the office hours of the program secretary are from 8am to 12pm. 


  • +55 31 3612 4448

 List of candidates for the PNPD 2020 Notice

PNPD 2020 Result


National Postdoctoral Program (PNPD)

The program is an institutional concession that finances postdoctoral internships in stricto sensu graduate programs recommended by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES). The number of scholarships offered varies according to the criteria defined by CAPES, which can take into account the performance of the graduate programs in the four-year evaluation, the areas of strategic support, the region where the higher education institution in question is located, among others. The graduate programs considered are responsible for the selection and monitoring of scholars, as well as the definition of their objectives and activities. The PNPD/CAPES scholarship includes two distinct financial contributions: a monthly scholarship and the payment of annual funding resources. The monthly scholarship consists of a payment of R$ 4,100.00 directly to the scholarship recipient. The annual contribution of funding resources is intended to subsidize research activities of the fellow, as well as their participation in events such as congresses, meetings, and symposiums. The transfer of funding resources and the norms of and the rules for its use accompany the development program to which the graduate program is linked.

The PNPD/CAPES aims to:

  1. Promote higher education studies. 
  2. Strengthen national research groups.
  3. Introduce new staff to Graduate Programs in higher-education and research institutions. 
  4. Promote the insertion of Brazilian and foreign researchers in post-doctorate internships, stimulating their integration with research projects developed by Graduate Programs in Brazil.

Responsibilities of the Graduate Program (Ordinance nº 086, 03 of July/2013, Art. 4º).

  1. Select, according to its own criteria, applicants for the scholarship and verify that pertinent documentation is in accordance with the requirements of this regulation.
  2. Assume responsibility for the procedures related to the registration, substitution, suspension and cancellation of scholarship recipients in the CAPES systems.
  3. Maintain supporting documentation on the qualification and selection of the candidates, as well as the term of commitment of the fellow for a minimum period of 5 years after the scholarship is canceled or terminated.
  4. Maintain, in digital form for at least 5 years, the Activity Reports of the scholarship holders, approved by the graduate program, referring to the period of validity of the scholarship.
  5. Make available to CAPES, within the requested deadline, any information or documentation regarding the fellow and their activities within the scope of the PNPD.
  6. Monitor and evaluate the performance of the fellows.

More information regarding PNPD/CAPES can be found on the CAPES website: 


Davi Lopes do Carmo (PNPD-CAPES)

Davi Lopes do Carmo works within the field of Soil Science with an emphasis in organic material of soil, organic waste, compost, soil fertility, plant nutrition, green manure and organic manure. He completed his master’s (2011) and doctorate (2014) in Soil Science at the Federal University of Lavras- UFLA.

Supervisor (2015-2018) Ricardo Henrique Silva Santos


Research- Availability of residual N of Crotalaria juncea green manure after coffee cultivation.

Supervisor (2018-2020) Raphael Bragança Alves Fernandes


Research – Mineralization and availability of macronutrients in soil fertilized with legumes.


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