Project Defense

The defense may be during the presentation of the NUT 779 course, or on another date scheduled by your supervisor. For defense, the graduate student should pick up the evaluation forms so that they can be filled out by the committee. After the defense, they must be delivered to the coordination of the Seminar in Agroecology discipline. The defense of the project will always be in the second period of enrollment of the graduate student.

The committee referring to the defense of the research project must be composed of a supervisor: Supervisor, a professor or technician from the UFV or external (with a Doctorate) and a graduate student in Agroecology who has already completed the Seminar in Agroecology (NUT 779).

Information for research project defense document that must be delivered to the PPGAGC secretariat at least 03 (three) working days before the defense of the project.


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