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The Graduate Program in Agroecology of UFV makes public the Master’s Candidacy Selection Notice, starting in the second academic semester of 2022.


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Attention to item 8.2.2 of the Selection Notice 2020/II: The candidate  who opts for exemption from the registration fee, as provided for in the General Notice of UFV, must forward the documentation (Request Letter) and proof of enrollment in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government – Cad-Único) to the following e-mail:, from 09/05/2022 a 27/05/22. The result of the exemption request will be published on the website of the Graduate Program in Agroecology on 30/05/2022.

To candidates who qualify for the exemption request, who have completed the registration of the selection process before the extension and have paid the registration fee, please contact the PPG Secretariat in Agroecology.

⇒ It is the applicant’s sole responsibility to inform themselves about the result of the exemption.

Other Information:

Result of the Application for Fee Exemption from the Selection Process 2022-I

Result of the Application for Fee Exemption from the Selection Process 2021-I

Important Schedule Information:

The result of the first phase will be announced on July 6, 2022; the argument will be on July 29, 2022 (at a time to be defined later) and the final result will be released on August 3, 2022.

Important information to selected candidates about the English language proficiency exam.

⇒ According to the General Regulations for Graduate Studies, students who enroll from the first semester of 2021 are subject to the new foreign language requirements. According to “Chapter XI – Foreign Language Requirement, in its article 50, English will be considered as a mandatory language to satisfy the foreign language requirement for the student whose native language is not English. The paragraphs of this article provide: §2 – For students whose native language is not Portuguese, the Portuguese language proficiency exam may be required, at the discretion of the Coordinating Committee. §3 – The deadline for complying with this requirement cannot exceed the end of classes for the second period of the course, after admission, under penalty of dismissal. This deadline also applies to the student who bids for the registration to be closed. Article 51 reads, the requirements in compliance with Art. 50 will be evaluated using the S (Satisfactory) or N (Unsatisfactory) concepts.” In view of the above, here is the link with the exams accepted by the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies: C3%AAncia.pdf


List of Candidates 2022-1

List of Candidates 2021-1

List of candidates approved for questioning – selection process 2022-1

List of candidates approved for questioning – selection process 2021-1

Note: Candidates are arranged in alphabetical order.

Final Result of the Selection Process 2022-1

Final Result of the Selection Process 2021-1 


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