Selection Process

Selection Notice

The UFV Postgraduate Program in Agroecology makes public the Selection Notice for candidates for the Master’s Degree, starting in the second academic semester of 2024.

EDITAL 2024-II registrations from 04/15/24 to 04/30/24


To sign up online.



All documents must be scanned and attached in PDF format when applying online.

  • Resume, click here. (The resume must be attached when registering in the Curriculum Vitae option and the vouchers must be attached in the Miscellaneous Certificates option. It is worth mentioning that the vouchers must be within the same file, scanned in PDF format and numbered sequentially in Arabic numbers starting with the number 1, such numbers being informed in the curriculum).
  • Score Consolidation Table, click here. (This table must be complied with and attached at the time of registration in the Evaluation Form option)
  • Work Plan, click here. (The work plan must be attached when registering in the Work Plan option)
  • Reference letters. Click here. (The letters of reference must be forwarded, by those responsible who issued the letters, to the PPG in Agroecology e-mail –

The candidate must choose between the supervisors described below, which one they wish to work with, consequently developing related activities, according to the guidance described below:

Advisor – Ricardo Henrique Silva Santos (MAT)

Advisor – Irene Maria Cardoso (MAT)

Advisor – Silvia Eloiza Priore (SAA)

Advisor – Teógenes Senna de Oliveira (PRA)



Attention to item 8.2.2 of the 2022/II Selection Notice: Candidates who choose to waive the enrollment fee, as provided for in the UFV General Notice, must attach proof of enrollment in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government – ( Cad-Único) in the request field on the registration website 04/24/2024. The exemption request will be approved by 04/26/2024.

⇒ It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to find out about the result of the exemption.

Important Information about the Schedule:

The hearing will take place on May 23, 2024 (at a time to be defined later) and the final result will be announced by May 27, 2024.


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