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Enrollment in research subjects

The graduate student, in all four periods, must enroll in Research in the discipline offered by the department in which the advisor is assigned.

Subject Information

1. Absences from the Seminar in Agroecology discipline (NUT 779) will only be paid upon a documented request signed by the graduate student and supervisor and subsequent evaluation of the request by the respective Coordinating Committee of the Postgraduate Program in Agroecology; except for cases that are already provided for in the Law or in the UFV Regulation.

2. At the end of every semester, the graduate student must deliver to the secretariat of the Postgraduate Program in Agroecology the Research Concept Form, duly filled in and signed by his advisor.

Discipline research forms EDU 799

Discipline research forms ERU 799

Discipline research forms FIT 799

Discipline research forms NUT 799

Discipline research forms SOL 799

Discipline research forms VET 799

Discipline research forms ZOO 799

3.According to the General Regulations for Graduate Studies, students who enroll from the first semester of 2021 are subject to the new requirements of the foreign language. According to “Chapter XI – Foreign Language Requirement, in its article 50, English will be considered as a mandatory language to satisfy the foreign language requirement for the student whose native language is not English. The following paragraphs are provided for in that article: §1 – In order to satisfy the English language requirement, the student must pass standardized proficiency exams to be indicated by the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, provided that they are carried out within a maximum period of 2 years. students whose native language is not Portuguese may be required to take the Portuguese language proficiency exam, at the discretion of the Coordinating Committee. admission, under penalty of dismissal. This period also applies to the student who bids for enrollment cancellation. §4 – It will be up to the Graduate Program to define in its Regiment o Internal the requirement of another foreign language, when applicable. §5 – The doctoral student, at the discretion of the Coordinating Committee, may take advantage of the English language requirement obtained in the master’s degree. §6 – The professional master’s degree is entitled to the requirement of the English language, as long as defined in its Rules of Procedure. Article 51 states, the requirements in compliance with Article 50 will be evaluated through the concepts S (Satisfactory) or N (Not Satisfactory).” In light of the above, follow the link with the exams accepted by the Dean of Research and Graduate:

4. The competence in Portuguese language required of foreign students (who do not have Portuguese as their mother tongue) for the Postgraduate Program in Agroecology at UFV can be completed through a proficiency exam (known as Celpe-Bras) or by taking a course the subject LET 604 – Portuguese for Foreigners.

5. For CAPES scholarship holders, enrollment in Teaching Internship is mandatory.


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